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The Centre for Work-based Learning wants to create a society and economy that values work-based learning and the benefits it brings. We want to find ways to help employers be more active within the learning system so people can experience how the knowledge and skills they acquire can be used in the workplace. We believe that enabling businesses to be more active in learning will drive economic growth and productivity. Have a look at what we've been up to recently to influence change. 

Want to know more? Read our thought piece and view our key questions for our Influencing Change workstream.

 2018  -  2017




Blog - 21st February 2018
Emotional Intelligence for Success

Read Prof. Mushtak Al-Atabi's blog on why emotional intelligence is critical for happiness and resilience in the future workplace.

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Article - 11th February 2018
David Coyne: Why we should welcome the rise of the robots

Director of the Centre for Work-based Learning, David Coyne, wrote an article for The Scotsman on Sunday on why we should welcome the rise of the robots.

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Blog - 6th February 2018
The Future of Work is Human

The future of work is human, but we have to collaborate now. Read why Peter Cheese, CEO of CIPD, believes the future is uncertain, and why our human skills will help us thrive through industry 4.0.

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Blog - 31st January 2018 
Develop by Doing

Stephen Warwick, Vice President - Hybrid Cloud and Head of R&D UK at IBM, discusses how and why IBM implement life-long work-based learning, whether a new employee or experienced professional.

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Event (participated) - 24th January 2018 
Maritime Enterprise Innovation Scotland Conference

We held an information stand at the Maritime Enterprise Innovation Scotland Conference at the University of Strathclyde.


Article - 19th January 2018 
Agenda: Why we must promote work-based learning

David Coyne, Director of the Centre for Work-based Learning, wrote an Agenda for Herald Scotland on why we must promote work-based learning.

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Event (participated) - 13th December 2017
Fife Conference: Workshop

We held a a workshop with 70 CIAG colleagues to discuss skills for the future and work-based learning developments. The topic of the session was 'Future Skills and Progression Pathways through the Apprentice Family'.

Event (participated) - 13th December 2017
The 19th National Economic Forum

We held a session on ‘Innovation, technological advances and the changing world of work’ at the 19th National Economic Forum in Edinburgh.

Blog - 12th December 2017
Building a High Performing Workplace in a Start-up

Victoria Hamilton, founder of Recoil Kneepads, shares her story of how work-based learning helped her start-up business succeed.

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Blog - 10th December 2017
Traditional employment routes are diminishing

Traditional routes to employment are diminishing, and high-performing workplaces require diverse career pathways, says Josh Littlejohn.

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Event (attended) - 30th November 2017
Acting now for future skills

We attended the 'Acting now for future skills' event, held by Nesta, which explored how educators and policymakers can respond to the growing demand for future skills.

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Event (participated) - 16th November 2017
Apprenticeship Awards 2017

The Centre for Work-based Learning in Scotland sponsored the Level 4 category at the Scottish Apprenticeship Awards. Sophie Gray from the Centre for Work-based Learning, presented Lisa Daniel of Leonardo with the award. 

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Event (hosted) - 1st November 2017
Symposium 2017

The Centre for Work-based Learning hosted an international symposium - Innovating work-based learning in Scotland: Thriving in the workplace of the future in November 2017. Find out about the programme and get access to all the event content below.

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Video  - 18th October 2017
Skills 4.0: Thriving in the future

We co-produced a video with Skills Development Scotland titled 'Skills 4.0: Thriving in the future': In the past, technology developed slowly. In the future, change will be the norm. What skills do we need to thrive in this ongoing change?

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Event (participated) - 12th September 2017
CVER Conference

The Centre for Work-based Learning held a session on 'Factors Affecting Modern Apprenticeship Completion Rates in Scotland' at the Centre for Vocational Education Research in London.

Event (hosted) - 18th August 2017
Impact Workstream Round Table

On the afternoon of 18 August 2017 the Centre for Work-based Learning held a round table event on measuring the impact of modern apprenticeships (MAs), which is part of the Centre’s Impact workstream.

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Event (hosted) - 8th February 2017
Skills for the Future Round Table

On the 8th of February 2017 The Centre for Work-based Learning held a roundtable event on Future Skills for Scotland. The event was chaired by Deborah Roseveare from the OECD with input from a range of Scottish and international attendees.

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The key questions for our work are:

  • What needs to be done to help employers take a more active role in learning? Or, simply, how do you get more employers involved in apprenticeships and school/college or university-based learning?
  • How do we create a compelling narrative for work-based learning that changes the ways in which parents, teachers, employers and even young people think about learning ?
  • How do we build capability and capacity for work-based learning for teachers, lecturers, those in work, those who are making decisions about learning provision? 
  • What changes in resourcing and priorities for learning need to be made if Scotland is to have a learning system that is more work-based? 
  • How do we create excitement and passion for work-based learning in Scotland?