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We are a national organisation driving cultural change and creating demand for work-based learning in Scotland.

Who we are

The Centre for Work-based Learning is a partnership between Skills Development Scotland, the University of Strathclyde, Heriot-Watt University and Robert Gordon University. The overall vision of the Centre for Work-based Learning is to establish the value of work-based learning in the Scottish education and training system.



The Centre was founded by Skills Development Scotland and will work in partnership, to influence policy, practice and perception of work-based learning. The Centre will align its work with the Scottish Apprenticeship Advisory Board (SAAB) and lead on policy and research advice to the SAAB.   

Work-based learning is important to help our businesses succeed, to bridge the gap between education and industry, and to prepare our young people for work. Working with education and industry, we will identify and evidence good practice and design and develop new approaches in work-based learning.  


We champion the contribution work-based learning can make to: 




"The Centre will help to bring about a quiet revolution in the way skills are developed through a work-based learning system that delivers for the people and businesses of Scotland."

Damien Yeates, Chief Executive, Skills Development Scotland

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Our approach



Developing policies based on insight

Underpin policy development on work-based learning, by conducting and disseminating high quality, policy relevant research to influence the learning system.



Practising proven methods

Enhance practice by developing best practice in Scotland and drawing on lessons from international experience.



Driving cultural change

Change perceptions by promoting the reputation and esteem of work-based learning, through advocacy and broad engagement across Scotland.

Our partners

The success of the Centre will be driven by effective partnerships. Our partners share our aspirations and are involved in leading and determining the shape of work-based learning in Scotland.


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